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established 2012

Who are we?

LifeBook USA is a private company based in Lady Lake, USA, which has been going since 2012, delivering hundreds of autobiographies for families in over 15 countries around the world.

The company was founded by Roy Moëd and is the experience of sharing your stories in an autobiography for your family.

Why are we?

LifeBook has been a very personal journey for me

LifeBook has been a very personal journey for me; my father, Jules, was almost blind in his latter days and felt he had nothing more to contribute. I found I was continually shutting him down when he started a story to the point that our conversation dried up. I drove back to the office one day feeling terrible and that I had again not listened.

Desperate to find a solution, I came up with the precursor to today’s LifeBook. I asked a friend, Kathy, to visit Dad for an hour each week at a set time to ‘interview’ him to get the stories I was too impatient to listen to, and to ask him other questions such as, “What happened next?” and “How did you feel about it?” etc.

Dad eagerly looked forward to Kathy’s visits and his interviews, spending the intervening days planning the chapters of his life story and making notes in preparation. Dad said he was remembering things he didn’t know he had forgotten and his book was full of stories we had never even heard—such as how our ancestor became King of Poland for the night!


“he was remembering things he didn’t know he had forgotten”

The first LifeBook story

The first LifeBook story ever written is Jules Moëd’s autobiography:

Life is for Sharing

This is the first paragraph in my father’s book, a story he had never told us and which can be easily verified today.

“he was remembering things he didn’t know he had forgotten”

A little family history

Rabbi Saul Wahl Katzenellenbogen, 1545–1617

In the sixteenth century, one of our Moëd ancestors became King of Poland for one night only! At that time there was a formal agreement when one king would hand over to the next. As this ceremony could not take place as the previous king had died and they could not be without a king, a neutral person was chosen—our ancestor!—as he was young and unmarried. Therefore he became “king for a night.”

What are we?

My goal was to find an affordable way for anyone, young or old, to create their very own personal autobiography, wherever they were in the world.

The project needs to be fun, engaging, and rewarding.

LifeBook is the experience of a lifetime

We all have our own personal memories and stories that make up our lives. Whether it’s childhood memories, family experiences, or a rewarding career, we believe everyone has a story to tell to their families and loved ones.

LifeBook is truly a “gift of a lifetime”; a legacy that lives on for generations. It celebrates a life lived and those with whom the life has been shared—forever a treasured archive.

With our face-to-face interviews, rediscover the many stories and experiences that have shaped the lives of you and your loved ones. Your words and photographs will be effortlessly transformed into beautifully illustrated copies of your own personal autobiography.

To ensure your LifeBook experience is fun and relaxing, the author is supported at every step of their journey by their own dedicated team made up of a project manager, interviewer, writer, and editor. With beautiful hand-crafted hardback books to share, it is fun, engaging, and rewarding.


“the LifeBook experience is fun and relaxing”


LifeBook writers

Key skills: experienced, professional, creative
Over 150 writers globally

LifeBook has the largest pool of professional writers in any autobiography service company in the world. LifeBook’s writers are passionate about bringing our authors’ lives to life, and in their own voice. Our writers currently write in British English, American English, French, German, Spanish, and Greek and have various religious and cultural backgrounds.

Our writers are carefully matched to each project based on their particular skills and knowledge to ensure that they effectively understand, appreciate, and capture the author’s background and story. Having passed our test and been trained in LifeBook’s style, they use their professional experience to deliver a priceless legacy in the author’s voice.

It is important that a writer can relate to different cultures. The use of English differs between the USA, the UK, Australia, and Canada, not just in spelling but in idioms and cultural references. Similarly, the Jewish culture uses many Yiddish terms and we have writers who are very familiar with these unique terms and phrases.

Our writers tell us how much they enjoy the different projects and stories in which they become engaged. They also describe the satisfaction they get from knowing the books will be read and treasured for generations to come.

To apply for a position as a LifeBook writer, complete the form on our Opportunities page.

LifeBook interviewers

Key skills: empathy, active listening, cultural understanding, and integrity
Over 300 interviewers globally

LifeBook has the largest pool of trained contracted interviewers in any autobiography service in the world.

The role of the LifeBook interviewer is to help capture amazing stories about an author’s life. They facilitate a life journey unfolding by building a relationship with their author over a series of personal visits. They use their skills to tactfully encourage the author to uncover forgotten memories. As with the writers, our interviewers are individually matched to our authors so that the author can feel comfortable and understood, and a rapport can naturally develop.

The interviewer and author will have 12 meetings together, usually in the author’s own home. Each meeting lasts 90 minutes and is digitally recorded for our writers to then listen to and capture the stories. The interviewer and writer will be supported and guided along the way by a LifeBook editor and project manager, who are in turn guided by the author’s feedback.

Each interviewer, once selected by our recruitment team for their suitability to the author’s project, must first provide LifeBook with professional references. They then undergo criminal record checks before they are cleared to begin their LifeBook interviewer training.

LifeBook interviewers enjoy listening, meeting interesting people, and seeing the joy of their authors and their families as they progress through the project. Many interviewers develop friendships with their authors that continue long after the project is completed.

To apply for a position as a LifeBook interviewer, complete the form on our Opportunities page.

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