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We take enormous pride in your autobiography

All our people at LifeBook™ take enormous pride helping produce a personal autobiography and have an overwhelming desire to meet incredible people with amazing stories to tell.

They are a dedicated, committed team, providing the ongoing support required to help you or a loved one write an autobiography and manage all aspects of writing a life story.

Their goal is to work with and build a productive relationship with the author and family to ensure the completed LifeBook™ autobiography is a celebration of a lifetime of memories and is a special gift and a treasure to be loved down the generations.

Our team consists of three skilled and experienced members—an interviewer, a ghostwriter, and a project manager.

A dedicated, committed team

Our Interviewers

Our dedicated interviewers help capture amazing stories about a person’s life. They help facilitate the unfolding of a life journey by building a relationship with the author over a series of personal visits. The interviewer is fully trained and plays a vital role in bringing to life and recording amazing autobiographies and life stories, creating a wonderful family legacy.

Our interviewers visit the author, usually in their own home, over a period of about four months. Each meeting is 90 minutes long and digitally recorded for our ghostwriter to shape into a manuscript that will become a hardback book of up to 160 pages and 60 photographs.

Our Ghostwriters

Our highly-skilled ghostwriters have excellent literary talents and a passion for writing. They have a particular flair for capturing each interview and elevating it into something special, all the while maintaining the true voice of the author.

The ghostwriter brings an author’s funny, sad, and amazing stories to life in an autobiography based on recorded interviews. The stories are written and shaped into regular reviews for the author to approve, giving the author control over the content of their book. The approved reviews are then gradually built up to form a complete autobiography, creating a lasting family legacy.

Our Project Managers

Our project managers lead the production team and work closely with an editor who is adept at proofreading and editing, working to a high editorial standard.

Together they ensure that the work of the interviewer and writer is collated to provide the highest quality of editorial standard for the author, producing the ultimate autobiography and family legacy.

Our project managers offer support and guidance throughout the project, building successful relationships with both the author and the team.

They also oversee the layout and production of the life story, ensuring the quality of the final book is printed to the highest standard and presented as beautiful, hardback, linen-covered books.

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