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  LifeBook Surprise
Description LifeBook Tributes for someone special
A beautiful gift of interviews with friends, family and loved ones to create a special handmade tribute.
Our books are created from 4 or more separate interviews resulting in 2 handmade copies that will be treasured forever.
Team Project manager, interviewer/writer, editor, typesetter and proofreader
Number of contributors 4
Number of interviews 4 x 45 minutes
Contributor edits 1 each
Interview style Skype or telephone
Number of books 2
Single-page tributes written by friends or family, including 1 photograph each 5
Length of project 6 + weeks
Book style Hardback, linen-bound and section-sewn
Pages Up to 80
Words Up to 12,000
Photographs Up to 40
Deposit + 2 x $499 installments $499

$499.00 / month for 3 months Order

Full Payment Offer
You get 3 extra books on full payment worth $ 300

$1,497.00 Order

Additional contributor 1 x 45-minute interview
20 pages
10 photographs
1 extra book
Cost of additional contributor $550
Extra single-page tributes $75
Extra books $100

All autobiography book prices are zero rated for vat
* all times are estimate

Book enhancements

We also have a number of ways in which we can help you enhance your book further

Contact us to discuss any enhancements you wish to purchase

We also have a number of ways in which we can help you enhance your book further, for an additional cost.

There may be times when an author has more to say or more photographs to include, than would normally fit into the standard product. These can easily be added into the LifeBook™ by purchasing extra pages at a reasonable cost. Whatever your enhancement, we can help – just choose your preferred way to contact us below.

Extra Text Pages (Over our standard 160 pages of text)

We can include additional pages of text (in sets of 16 pages).

Extra Photographs (Over our standard 60 photos)

We can include additional photographs.

Ref 001 – Basic Fact Checking

We will employ an editor to check all the basic historical, geographical and cultural facts within the LifeBook™. Whilst most people remember much more than they realise, often it is easy to get names and dates slightly wrong. Recording that WWII ended in 1946, or that it was Henry Wilson rather than Harold Wilson, could be embarrassing slip-ups easily avoided.

Ref 002 – Additional Books

If you would like to give your autobiography to family and friends, we can order as many additional copies of your LifeBook™ as you like. Just let us know how many you need and we will quote you a price.

Ref 003 – Gift Packaging

Would you like your 5 copies of LifeBook™ to be sent to family and friends in lovely gift packaging? Each book will be placed in a beautiful presentation box and includes a gift certificate, which can be used to create your own personal message.

Ref 004 – Family Tree

Build a basic family tree, which can be printed within your LifeBook™ as a pull-out. This can include four or five generations (typically grandparents, parents, children and grandchildren) and shows direct lineage only. Each entry records the name, dates of birth and death, gender and marital status.

Ref 005 – Transcribing/Scanning Letters and Other Text

You may find that you have other material you would like to include in your LifeBook™ that does not result from the interviews, but nevertheless is important to you. Perhaps it’s something you wrote long ago or a speech you gave? Or you would like some precious letters transcribed and included as an appendix? Let us know your requirements and we will give you a quote.

Ref 006 – Background Research

Whilst the memories used for the LifeBook™ may be intriguing and unique to the author, why not place them into their larger cultural and historical settings? Employing a skilled researcher and writer to supplement the LifeBook™, and to help explain periods of history or items referred to in the text to a wider (and younger) audience, we will work on the text and provide new, originally-written material which will help create a backdrop for the rest of the book.

Ref 007 – Family History Research

Additionally, you may be interested to find out more about your family’s background – where they came from, where they moved to, and what they did. Ancestry research is now more popular than ever, and will help establish the LifeBook™ in its correct place in history – and record more than just one life for the generations to come. This additional research can vary in the time it takes, and the results achieved, so is thus open to negotiation.

Audio CD

To read a LifeBook™ of a loved one is a unique and special experience, now you can hear those stories in the author’s voice with a unique audio CD.

Each person’s voice is so distinctive, we all recognise our loved ones when we hear them on the phone. What a joy to keep hearing that distinctive voice forever.

LifeBook™ has teamed up with a production company that has over 50 years of experience of broadcast productions for high quality clients such as the BBC. They listen to all the LifeBook™ interviews and edit them down to an hour long, highlights CD for future generations to enjoy.

You will receive two copies of the CD (in covers matching your LifeBook™). The CD begins, ends and is highlighted with carefully selected and appropriately placed music for added ambience.

So the distinctive author’s voice will be heard and shared for years to come, adding a whole extra dimension to your LifeBook™ experience.


Ref 101 – Photography Session

Would you like a professional photograph taken to place on the cover, or to go inside, your LifeBook™? Many people have lovely snaps, but rarely today do people in their later life have professional studio-quality photographs taken. We will arrange for a professional to visit you in your own home and take a series of photographs, from which you can select your favourites to use in the book. You will then be given all the photographs for you to use as and when you wish.

Ref 102 – Photo Enhancements

Many old photographs will look wonderful in your LifeBook™, but from time to time they may need some enhancement. Our professional studios can remove cracks, spots, shadows, fading from light and all other manner or problems that have occurred on your treasured photographs over the years. Why include a second-best image in your LifeBook™? Have them altered without any fuss, and we will even give you a brand new print to keep.


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